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How to Shift Base to Dubai - 6 Reasons
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Out of all the places, Dubai offers a very unique experience to expats. Not only is it the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, it is also home to some of the best attractions and the most enticing employment opportunities in every field and not just the Oil industry. Every year thousands of people from across the globe pack their bags and move to Dubai to live a life full of luxury and fun. Thereís nothing that the city does not offer. From an amazing sky line with some of the tallest and most beautiful buildings to gorgeous beaches, huge malls, stunning cars and lots of options for recreation (including skiing), Dubai will introduce you to the finer things in life.

To be able to indulge in all the luxuries that the city has to offer, there is no dearth of great paying jobs in Dubai. To add to that the income you earn is tax free, making Dubai an attractive place to shift base to. But thereís more to Dubai then just money and luxury and only those who have lived in the city for a while would understand that. Here are a few reasons why living in Dubai will ruin you for life:

Dubai offers the best of both worlds.
The moment you step in the city you will be awestruck by its grandeur and luxury. While it may take some while for those who have just shifted base to be able to afford the kind of luxury Dubai has to offer, the city does not completely disregard those who canít afford it. There are still some aspects of the luxurious life that you can experience while you get there.

A melting pot of different cultures!
More than 70% percent of the population in Dubai constitutes of expats coming from all parts of the world that adds so much diversity to the land. The city gives you ample opportunities to meet people and make friends from different countries and ethnicities. You will never run out of things to learn from people around you and there will never be a dull moment as there is so much one can discover about different cultures from across the globe through your expat friends.

Jobs everywhere!
Even after being hit by the global recession some years ago, Dubai continues to be a land of opportunities. After learning its lesson, Dubai has built a strong economy for itself which still continues to flourish at a steady yet sustainable pace. The city has emerged as a successful international hub for business with great employment opportunities across industries (even IT and Media) and not the Oil industry. With so many opportunities, finding a job in Dubai is not a difficult task provided you know how to go about it.

If you have figured out a job and a house then there are only three things you require - Food, food and more food!
Yes we are repeating ourselves but trust us we are making our point clear. Dubaiís 70% expat population coming from numerous countries from around the world has brought with themselves not just the culture but also sumptuously diverse food for one to sink their teeth in. Be it Lebanese, Italian, American or even India, there is something for everybody.

Something or the other keeps happening in the city.
Thanks to its diversity, Dubai celebrates various festival and events throughout the year. Not just this but people who love art and theatre will not complain as there are many art galleries and theatres that they can look forward to. The city is crazy about sports (especially football) so you will see numerous mega sporting events being held round the year. Shopping fanatics swear by their love for the annual shopping festival. The nightlife is amazing and there are many adventure sports and trips one can indulge into. So, basically there is something for everyone.

Other countries are not far away!
If all the things stated in the point above are still not enough, there is yet another reason to pack your bags and move to Dubai. And that is its proximity with other nation. Dubai is situated between Europe and Asia making it a perfect place for those who like to travel to new and exotic destinations frequently. Not only do you save time but also money which is not possible for those living in European and Asian countries.

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