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How to Guide Bahrain The Economy and Job Prospects for Expats
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Gulf is one of the most popular regions for expats to settle their base in. Bahrain can easily be counted as one of the most favored destinations for relocation amongst expatriates. With its reputation for being a hotspot for earning wealth, Bahrain attracts professionals from other countries in huge numbers each year.

But, why? Bahrain has a pulsating and a rising economy with ample employment opportunities. The country has an excellent transport and communications infrastructure in place. However, the biggest and the most important reason for expats to move in this country is the chance to earn a larger disposable income since the salaries are tax-free in Bahrain. Not just Bahrain, but you are likely to make more money in any of the Middle Eastern countries. However, if we talk about this particular country then it is safe to say that Bahrain is undoubtedly a more advanced country as compared to its richer counterparts in terms of being more liberal.

There is no dearth of lucrative jobs in Bahrain, but there are certain bureaucratic rules that you need to sweat through in order to be able to become a resident of this country. One such rule requires expats to look for a sponsoring employer who can file an application on their behalf. According to this rule, the employer has to give a valid explanation as to why they have to hire an outsider instead of a Bahraini.

Economy and Job Prospects

Bahrain was the first country in the Gulf to discover oil. Thus, the economy depended purely on oil for a very long time. It is still a major economic driver, however, the country has made great efforts to reduce its dependence on oil and make for a more diverse economy.

The industrial sector is still a major player in the GPD of Bahrain. Nevertheless, with a decline in the oil reserves, the emphasis has shifted to petroleum-processing and oil-refining of the crude oil that is imported in the country. More stress is also being laid on manufacturing and export of aluminum. Natural gas is important raw material that is being used to expand the aluminum and petrochemical industries. Apart from these, construction sector and ship-repairing industry contribution to Bahrainís economy has seen an upward trend. The agriculture sector remains untouched and unexplored by the country. However, the services sector has risen as one of the major contributors over the years and has successfully established Bahrain as a prominent financial center in the Middle East.

Today, several companies have started their operations in Bahrain and are offering various professional and business services of all types. With so much happening in the country, tourism has also gone up. This has resulted in a rise in the employment opportunities in the tourism sector as well.

The Challenge

Several multinational corporations have established their centers in Bahrain. These corporations employ expats in huge numbers and are on a lookout to add more expat professionals to their existing resource bank. This solves the problem of finding employers who are ready to sponsor expats looking for jobs in Bahrain. However, there are other difficulties that have risen in the past few years. The unemployment rate of the young local Bahraini workforce has gone up. This has resulted in strict laws being enforced by the government on foreign nationals coming to the country to look for work. The government has reduced the sponsorship opportunities as a means to discourage expats from coming in the country. The government has also increased the cost of hiring expats for corporates to encourage them to hire the locally available workforce.

On a concluding note

The challenges mentioned above, nevertheless, are not strong enough to question Bahrainís potential for offering tremendous employment opportunities. Sure, it is difficult to get in the country but with a valid visa and little bit perseverance you can make it into this land full of opportunities. If you want to test the waters first before taking the big leap, you can visit the country on a tourist visa to explore all that there is on offer.

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