Pass the Books

WHAT IS #PassItOnAfterReading CHALLENGE?

It is a book crossing project that aims to bring back all print books to life. Instead of leaving your books in the shelves collecting dust, you are given the opportunity to share it to anybody in your community. Join us in bringing back the joy and benefit of reading.


Give books by nominating a family or a friend on social media and let them do the same. Remember that ice bucket challenge?  It's somewhat the same but different đŸ˜†

Here's how:

Step 1-  Post a nomination video or photo in your social media account - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. For example - say " I nominate Tom Hanks to pass an old book to anybody. I will give mine to my neighbor. After they finish reading, they need to pass it on." Yes, they need to read. It's just one book! Trust me it would be an achievement.

Step 2 - Write the hash tag #PassItOnAfterReading and URL on the back cover of the book. This will help them see the details of the project online. You can write your name and country if you'd like.

Step 3 - Give the book to anybody. Inform them what's the challenge all about. Convince them to follow these 3 steps and all their wishes and yours will come true! Not really...đŸ™†

For security reasons, we encourage everyone not to leave the books in public areas. Some people might take advantage of this cause. Let's avoid giving them opportunity to put destructive stuff to the books with the intention to hurt other people.


To connect communities through sharing books. It is a great way to foster a conversation, connect with our interests and building perspectives. It's an opportunity to make time and talk to each other, to our neighbors, catch-up with friends and family. Learn new things from other side of the world by following your book.


To follow where in the world your book reach, simply type #PassItOnAfterReading in search bar of all social media platforms and find it in the result posts.

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