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Rethinking OFW Success | Investing in Yourself as an Overseas Filipino Worker

As Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), we often measure success by our ability to provide financial support to our families back home. Sending money has become synonymous with fulfilling our duties and responsibilities. However, it's time to reconsider this notion of success and shift our focus towards investing in ourselves and empowering our loved ones to become self-sufficient individuals. Success should not be solely defined by the amount of money we remit to our families. While financial support is important, true success lies in personal growth, self-improvement, and long-term sustainability. Here's why investing in yourself should be your primary goal as an OFW: Personal Development : Instead of solely focusing on earning money, allocate time and resources towards personal development. Invest in education, skills training, and career advancement opportunities that will enhance your knowledge and expertise. Continuous learning not only increases your earning potential but a

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