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How to Say NO - OFW's Are Not Banks

Jetlagged from the airport, I walked into a room with no window, the smell of feet comparable to a rotten rat stings my eyes - runs through my nose. It was so bad that I wanted to vomit. It was year 2000 when I first went abroad as an OFW in the Middle-East. Accommodation was provided by the company, a small confining room, reasonable for 1 but not for 3 persons. This is the norm for most of the line staff, not an easy life. While people back home think, OFW's live comfortably.   LOVED ONES, that's how we call our closest living relatives in the Philippines. Parents and siblings are foremost if you're single - spouse and kids if married.  Then, first degree ancestry and so forth. Closest friends could probably fit the description if you allow it. Establishing a dream of owning a home, saving for a business - if not for something else, and career ambitions while a novice abroad is rather a common primary goal. After all, the decision to work overseas is, clenched with no dou

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