How to Live & Work in Dubai - Ultimate Guide for Filipinos

Dubai is claimed to be the world's fastest-growing city, no wonder this place has seen an influx of expat workers year after year. Filipinos are just one of many nationalities who call Dubai their second home.

This blog series provides content assisting newbie's to achieve their short and long term goals in Dubai. Most questions are commonly asked in our Facebook page.
  1. How to - An Overview of Dubai
  2. How to Plan to Go & Work in Dubai
  3. How to Abide Do's and Dont's in Dubai
  4. How to and Things to Do Before Going to Dubai
  5. How to Get a Visit Visa to Dubai
  6. How to Avoid Being Offloaded in NAIA Immigration
  7. How to Know What (Not) to Bring in Dubai
  8. How to Familiarize all Major Areas in Dubai
  9. How to Know Salary Industry Guide in Dubai
  10. How to Find a Job in Dubai
  11. How to Make Your Professional Resume/CV in Dubai
  12. How to Prepare for an Interview in Dubai
  13. How to Practice Your English Speaking Skills in Dubai
  14. How to Know Your Labor Rights in Dubai
  15. How to Find Housing Accommodation in Dubai
  16. How to Process ASG - Affidavit of Support and Guarantee in Dubai
  17. How to Know if You're Banned in UAE
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About the Author
RAFAEL ROXAS is an OFW and Entrepreneur. He is an active digital nomad that helps individual, start-ups and SME's establish their brand. He started the project for Filipino community PinoyHow - a Q&A, training and information hub.

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