How to Find a Job in Dubai

Dubai has loads of opportunities for those who are eager to persevere in finding their ideal job. Aside from no income tax, UAE as a country is very peaceful - has a very low crime rate compared to other prominent countries. It is a fantastic place to live and work.
There are various types of vacancies, from skilled to professional posts. Employers often prefer that you are already in Dubai. Yes, you can apply while you are on a visit or tourist visa.  Here's how to find that dream job.

This is the best option. Most reputable companies do not accept walk-ins, applying directly on their job portal is preferred, where they can retain and retrieve applicants CV easily through all departments. You may call HR department too, don't ask for vacancies instead highlight your qualifications and qualities. You might get an offer or call back once there's suitable position.

Below are some career website links of popular companies:

Retail Industry
Bank & Finance Industry
Media & Publishing
Health & Medical
Call reputable recruitment agencies and talk to specific consultant. Assigned agent in field of work is a common practice. Keep a good rapport and establish a good relationship. You can also register to online agencies and keep track of the latest openings.
This might be the fastest way to get a job, as recommendation tool is a way of establishing direct influence to employers. However, one should certain to be competent with the job sought. It would be a shame if your performance does not align with the reference.

Ads section provides free and paid posting of job vacancies. Call or email the contact details. However, this is the least recommended method as some postings are proven to be a scam - vacancies by fake recruitment agents, it can't be generalized but be extra vigilant.
There are periodic job fairs. Usually organized by pre-opening companies to boost their recruitment in one or two days. These happens in hotel ballrooms or in exhibition center.

Note: Please explore the website links as companies might change their career page.

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