How To - Things to Do Before Going to Dubai

Given a chance to turn back time, I would have done much superior decisions and things to do before going abroad. Realization often comes late, to avoid "I should have done this and that" in the future, these are some suggestions to do before flying to Dubai:

1. Sign-up for an EMAIL and social media accounts. Save money in communication. Get in touch with love ones through Messenger in Facebook and avoid phone bills. Do transactions and important messages through email. Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail - Free to create an account.

2. Open a SAVINGS ACCOUNT. If married open joint account with your spouse. Discuss how much can be diligently save on a monthly basis and just DO IT and stop making excuses. Sign-up for ON-LINE BANKING to see the transactions of your account wherever you are. Banco de Oro Kabayan Savings Account, BPI BPinoy Savings Account, OFW Peso or Dollar Savings in Metrobank -  There is no minimum balance required. Conditions applied.

3. Save details of your SSS, Pag-Ibig, Phil-Health and TIN (Tax Identification Number) in your phone. It is also advisable to email it to yourself and family to have back-up. Social Security System - Minimum contribution is per month is 110.00 PHP and maximum is 1,760.00 PHP. It is advised to go for maximum to get more benefits and pension after maturity. Pag-Ibig - Membership gives access to housing and personal loans. Monthly contribution from 500.00 PHP to 5,000.00 PHP, considered as mutual fund savings. Phil-Health - Get health coverage for self and family. Philippine Tax Identification- Learn taxation in case of future business plans.

4. Photocopy of passport, diploma, certifications and other documents. Keep one copies of each at home with family and keep one in credentials envelope. You can also save it in USB key or any online storage as a private album. This way should documents gets lost, all information needed is easily accessible.

5. Consider travelling light. Do not pack unnecessary things. Just bring few clothes and significant medications needed. For maintenance drugs, bring the official prescription.

6. EXTRA MONEY. Have some peso currency in your wallet at least 2 to 3 thousand, it will come handy when you get back home. It will also remind you to save.

7. ATTEND INVESTMENT AND INSURANCE class.  These are usually free, learn what are your options, protect yourself and family by having enough financial means. Try COL financial investor training programs , insurance seminars and OWWA programs.

8. Spend a QUALITY TIME with your family at least one week before departure. Don't spend on farewell party, be practical. Keep grounded and always spend according to your means.

OFW's golden rule in personal finance, DO NOT BORROW OR LEND MONEY!

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RAFAEL ROXAS is an OFW and Entrepreneur. He is an active digital nomad that helps individual, start-ups and SME's establish their brand. He started the project for Filipino community PinoyHow - a Q&A, training and information hub.

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