Through FREE training and education - PinoyHow leads productivity, social and self-development of every Filipino.


An online and on-site community based training provider for Filipino society. We strive to teach productivity to foster change and develop the each individual to be sustainable in social and economic prosperity within self, household and the country.


PinoyHow is a question and answer portal for Filipino community, provides information from the most common to complex queries of each individual.  We are a group of volunteers that maintains this online Q&A platform plus social media channels. At the same time, we do conduct on-site training and mini sessions in various topics, any Filipino, organization or group are free to attend. Please check events in our Facebook page.


In this blog, you can find collection of articles, videos and tips on how to be more organize and productive. Our writers and contributors comprises Filipino Expats, OFW, students, aspiring Pinoy writers and free to republished contents.

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 "Only those who ask for more can get more and only those who know there is more, ask." ~ Alan Cohen

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